Verizon Wireless Global LTE Packages are a Rip-Off

Verizon Wireless recently launched their Verizon Global Ready 4G LTE device. Ads for the device and service have appeared in various business magazines such as The Economist. On the surface that sounds like a great idea to have a mobile hotspot device that you can use outside the US on International travels. Unfortunately looking a little closer at the service and pricing it’s a complete rip-off with customers that will undoubtedly be very upset when they find out the service restrictions and then the bill on their return.

Here’s the breakdown:
1) International Coverage Area – this a LTE 4G device but unfortunately international roll-out of 4G LTE service is still extreamly limited. Take a look at the website to get an idea of the limited LTE 4G coverage around the world. Verizon LTE Device owners will for teh most part be using 3G.
2) Price – this is where is gets to be just crazily expensive compared to the US rates for decent 4G LTE service that Verizon has. The Global Data package costs $25 per 100MB. Wow, are you kidding Verizon? Compare this to the Verizon Jetpack Pre-Paid Plans that start at $15 a week for 250MB or $60 per month for 3GB. I can understand a slight premium for international convenience but this is nonsense. Anyone with basic math skills can work out that this pricing plan is an absolute and shameful rip-off of their customers who might not read the small print but get one hell of a shock with the bill when they get home.

The bottom line is that you get very poor international 4G LTE coverage and at a price that makes ‘price gouging” seem like a blessing. Compared to the $60 per month for 3GB US domestic plan, the same international usage using your same device would cost you $750! How on earth can that be justified in any way, shape or form – it’s simply a bloody rip-off. Take a look at the Verizon website to see this where they say “Global Data at a price that’s great in any currency” – what a joke.

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