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Every time you go online and browse various websites your browsing activities are almost certainly being tracked by multiple sources. Unfortunately the built-in browser ‘private browsing’ feature, if you even know about it let along use it, is actually very ineffective and in my opinion useless. There is however a fantastic free tool you can use and download as an extension plug-in to your browser that automatically blocks tracking before these companies get to your information. It’s called Do Not Track Plus and is available as a free download.

NOTE: If you use multiple browsers you will need to download this browser plug-in app to each browser you use. Simply go to the website using a browser you want to install this plug-in and click the download button. Repeat for each browser you use. Here at Razor Micro, Inc. we need to test websites that we develop for clients across multiple browsers so all we did is go to using each browser on every local computer and installed the plug-in. Super quick and easy.

You will be amazed to see actually how much tracking is taking place that you most likely had no idea about. Once installed, your browser now has a little icon near the top right-hand corner that you can click to find out the details of who is tracking you on a particular website.

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