Professional QR Code Data

Thank you for ordering a Professional QR Code that is linked to a Mobile Optimized Interactive Menu. Below are the various fields and information data we require in order to custom design and code your new Professional QR Code. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you prefer not to use the online form below, you can also send an email with all the required information and any questions to:

Your Professional QR Code Mobile Landing page will be designed with the look and feel of your main website BUT based on one of the three (3) general navigation designs called Icons, Icon Tab Hybrid and Tabs. Here are example screen-shots of each of these design choices. Please click on them to enlarge.

IconsNavigation Design Type: Icons
Icon Tabs HybridNavigation Design Type: Icon Tabs Hybrid
TabsNavigation Design Type: Tabs


Professional QR Code Data Information Needed

Please complete the online form below with the data needed for us to create your Professional QR Code. Only fields with a * Required indicator are required. The rest is optional as not evry field will be needed as we are listing as many possible options as we can to accommodate your needs. If there is any further relevant information you need to convey to us, at the very bottom is a general message section to please use.
  • Host URLUsernamePassword 
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    The FTP details are needed in order to upload the QR Code Mobile Landing Page. We recommend this is done on either a sub-domain such as or a folder such as Your FTP details are kept private! NOTE: If you don't have a web host or need one, don't worry, we can help you get that set-up. Simply email
  • QR Code Landing Page Design

    This is where you select the general overall navigation design. There are 3 options to choose from. Take a look at the screen-shots near the top of the page. Your QR Code Mobile Page will however have a similar design look & feel and your website and logo.
  • Icons and Navigation

    These are your navigation options to be used on your Professional QR Code Mobile Optimized Navigation. Only complete the one's that apply to you that would like to use. We are trying to list as many options as possible for our clients to choose from.
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