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Having a professionally designed custom website really gives your business a very good 1st impression when visitors stop by your site. From a customer perspective, it’s always a bit off-putting to go to a companies website and it looks like a school project completed by one of the owners kids. A similar analogy would be comparing professionally printed business cards with the cheap ‘do it yourself at home’ types. There really is just no comparison as your business’s image, especially online, is critically important!

At Razor Micro, designing and developing custom websites for clients is a primary service offering to clients. We realize the importance of a business branding and the visual continuity with their other marketing efforts and materials. Before we start any new client project, a conference call is setup with the client to discuss in detail all the various components of the website project and also to get a good understanding of the business and it’s target market. This discussion typically includes things like businesses products and services; general business model; website goals and objectives; target audience demographics; functionality, navigation; site design likes and dislikes; search engine optimization; online marketing and communication tools such as Blogs, Newsletters and video; logos and other images to be used etc.

Sure, this is certainly more work for us and it takes time but we know from experience that the better we understand your business and your web objectives, without a doubt we are then able to deliver the website solution best tailored to your business’s needs. It really helps us to deliver to you not just a pretty website but an effective online branding and marketing tool!

We also get asked a lot from clients about SEO (search engine optimization). There are so many myths, outdated information and plain silly advice online that it’s no wonder clients are confused. We help clients to ‘cut through the mess’ and help explain solid fundamental SEO principles and also realistic expectations. Almost all the websites developed by Razor Micro, are coded specifically to be search engine friendly (there are however just a few which are specifically not, due to client needs) which is a foundation SEO principle.

If you’re looking for a web design, development and online marketing company that actually takes the time to understand your business and your online goals and then develops a solution that is also an effective marketing tool, then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us for a ‘no obligation whatsoever’ discussion about your needs and we can then offer our advice and recommendations to fit your budget and objectives.


avatarI have hired Razor Micro on various occasions to help me with my word press site. Recently, I contacted Razor Micro to do make some adjustments on my website and I was thrilled with the outcome. Not only was the site still up and running but my changes were made very quickly. No interruption to my site. Razor Micro was able to sit with me and show me some things to do so I could maintain my site and this was very helpful to me. I will continue to use their services as my business grows because I trust the work they do. I would recommend them to any business needing fast and efficient website design.

Kristin Borostyan
Straighten Up



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