QR Codes Portfolio

Take a look at some of the Professional QR Codes together with their custom mobile navigation page that Razor Micro has designed and developed for clients. Click the picBoxnail images to see the full size image.

Redondo Beach Boot CampIndustry: Health and Fitness Redondo Beach Boot Camp
Jason Patrick Salon Industry: Health & Beauty Jason Patrick Salon
Jeremy Hotz Industry: Entertainment Jeremy Hotz
Kathy Kaehler Industry: Health & Fitness Kathy Kaehler
Pine Creek Dental Industry: Healthcare Pine Creek Dental
Propulsion International Industry: Aviation Propulsion International
Razor Micro Industry: Graphic Design Razor Micro
Razor Mobile Design Industry: Graphic Design Razor Mobile Design
Room Service Store Industry: Furniture Retail Room Service Store Room Service Store
Burn in Music Industry: Music & Entertainment Burn in Music
Debby Romness Industry: Real Estate Debby Romness
El Segundo Catering Company Industry: Food & Beverage El Segundo Catering Company
GoGo Billing Industry: Medical Services GoGo Billing
Jamie Gibbons Industry: Graphic Design Jamie Gibbons
Hinson Media Industry: New Media Hinson Media
National Carpet Cleaning Industry: Home & Office National Carpet Cleaning
Scott Silveira Fitness Industry: Health & Fitness Scott Silveira Fitness
Yoga With Aimée Industry: Health & Fitness Yoga With Aimée
Cocoa Bella Industry: Cocoa Bella
The Gurus GateIndustry: The Gurus Gate
Proofreaders Proofreader Industry: Business Services Proofreaders Proofreader
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