Netbook computers still very useful for some published an article today with the title “So, who’s still buying Netbooks?

They were commenting on the drop-off in sales the past couple of quarters of netbook computers. The primary reason seems to be the consumer shift to tablet type computers such as Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

The tech industry, much like the apparel industry has ‘fashions’ that come and go. Netbooks were certainly the ‘hot fashion item’ from 2007 through end 2009. But although Netbooks are not as popular as they were, they are still an extremely useful mobile computing tool for some people. Those individuals who have a separate primary computer but need a full featured regular keyboard computer for mobile use are still best served by using a Netbook. They get all the mobility benefits with a regular QWERTY keyboard and is an ideal extension of their primary computer.

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