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Looks like Microsoft is also finally making a big push into the Mobile Applications market. In the past, the Microsoft mobile OS used in mobile cell phones has been quite frankly ‘crap’. Hard to use, not at all intuitive and unreliable were the common themes. However, Microsoft released plans for Windows Phone 7 which should debut this fall, most likely on October 11,2010. The one thing Microsoft is doing (some might say to play catch up which in my opinion is obvious) is to spend the time and effort to reach out to app developers to get them to create apps for their mobile ecosystem. Netflix, Twitter, OpenTable, Flixster, and Travelocity have all confirmed plans for their Windows Phone 7 apps.

“Some of the biggest names in apps and games are working to bring the right mix of high quality content to Windows Phone 7,” blogged Microsoft’s Brandon Watson. For developers to put their apps into the marketplace, opening in early October, they will need to download the latest version of the tools. Prior versions will not work.

Plus check out the neat Windows Phone logo – nice and clean looking from a design perspective.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the new Windows Mobile 7 operating systtem will look and compare to the likes of Apple iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry.

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