Free WiFi on Amtrak Trains and Greyhound Buses

In the USA, the 2 major ‘alternate’ distance transportation companies (Amtrak Trains and Greyhound Buses) have announced aggressive plans to provide free WiFi access to all passengers. Both companies are installing and expanding a free WiFi service on their trains and buses. According to figures provided by officials of both companies, Amtrak and Greyhound, between them, carry around 50 million passengers a year on intercity routes.

“Our passengers tell us that they love to be able to use their computers for free as they travel,” said Amtrak spokeswoman Barbara Petito.

“Our passengers enjoy it a lot,” said Greyhound spokesman Timothy Stokes. He also said that “all of our new coaches have WiFi, and it’s our plan to make it system-wide.”

Amtrak has some easy to use instructions for passengers wanting to access WiFi on their journey.

This is an overdue and very welcome passenger service.

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