FaceBook Security Setting we Highly Recommended you Change

There is a FaceBook security setting that we highly recommend you change as soon as possible! It’s the option to use the encrypted HTTPS protocol when logging on to your account. The performance difference is minimal so don’t worry about your access slowing down to a crawl, after all Google’s Gmail uses HTTPS all the time once logged in. This is an extremely important step to keep your FaceBook account safe from being hacked/hijacked on an open or poorly secured public WiFi network (such as a coffee shop, library etc.).

The default FaceBook setting sends your access credentials in the clear, with no encryption whatsoever! Yes, you had better believe it! Switching to HTTPS is very important because a browser extension called Firesheep has made it especially easy for anyone sharing your open WiFi network to ‘sniff’ your credentials and freely access your FaceBook account. A blogger sitting in a New York Starbucks was able to access over 20 FaceBook identities in under an hour. The HTTPS setting solves this longstanding problem by encrypting your Login cookies and other data. The creator of Firesheep made the software to encourage companies like FaceBook to finally lock down their systems.

Enough with the warnings and encouragement to secure your FaceBook login – here’s how you do it which is actually pretty simple.

1) Login to your FaceBook account

2) Go to Account (top right-hand corner) and in the drop-down select Account Settings

3) Select and Click Account Security which is Third from the bottom.

4) This will bring up the Account Security settings directly underneath. Under Secure Browsing (https) make sure you check the check-box to enable HTTPS

5) Click Save and you are done!

Hope this is helpful to all the FaceBook users out there.

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