Convert an iPod Touch into a Cell Phone

A Chinese company called Yosion Technology has developed a device that wraps around Apple’s iPod Touch and includes a battery, dock connector, and SIM card. After installing special software, people apparently can make and receive voice calls and text messages on the iPod Touch, just like on an Apple iPhone.

The device is called “The Peel” and will be distributed in the US by GoSolarUSA. It should arrive in stores shortly and would reportedly sell for around $60. The current model of the Peel won’t work with the new iPod Touch 4G, GoSolarUSA said, but a compatible version is in the initial stages of development.

How Apple will respond is the big question and if they will legally be able to do anything about it. They no doubt will try knowing Apple. Hopefully this will help spur Apple on to ending it’s ridiculous exclusive deal with AT&T which has without a doubt cost Apple a HUGE mount of lost iPhone sales and has let the Android smartphone platform gain a solid foothold in the market. So much so in fact that there are 160,000 new Android smartphones being sold EVERY DAY worldwide and it’s on track to be the dominant platform.

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