Apple iPhone OS still just in the lead in the US

Google’s Android mobile operating system may be surging ahead and steadily climbing, but it hasn’t yet overtaken Apple’s iPhone OS in the United States, according to a Nielsen report released today.

Using November data just released, market research firm Nielsen on Monday ranked Apple’s iPhone OS in the No. 1 place for mobile operating smartphones with 28.6 percent market share in the U.S. RIM’s BlackBerry OS is almost tied in 2nd place with 26.1% but it’s market share is shrinking. Coming in at No. 3 is Google’s Android OS with 25.8 percent share of the U.S. market.

If you take a quick look at the graph below, you can easily see the Smartphone trends. With the expected availability of the iPhone on the Verizon network in February, this should help Apple to stay ahead for a little while longer but it’s just a matter of time before Android takes the lead.

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