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Hi and welcome to the Razor Micro, Inc. online WordPress training portal!

Here is our first selection of licensed training videos for clients to get familiar with the WordPress Blogging platform. We were going to develop these in-house but we instead decided to license this great set of training videos – no need re-inventing the wheel. Each of the 25 WordPress training videos are short 1 – 2 minutes long covering a single specific WordPress function.

As we paid quite a lot of money to license these WordPress training videos to make them available to clients, if you could we would greatly appreciate a small donation to help us cover some of the licensing costs (amount is entirely up to you and this is of course completely optional). Thank you.

Scroll-down and simply click the Play button to start a video of your choice. You may also enlarge any video to ‘full screen’ size by clicking the little screen icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any video. Click the Pause button to pause at any point in the video. Don’t forget to ensure your audio / speakers are turned on. Enjoy!


Video Title: Add an image from your Computer to a Blog Post or Page


Video Title: Add New Post


Video Title: Introduction to Media Library


Video Title: Upload Media to the Media Library


Video Title: Add an image from Media Library


Video Title: Add an image from your Computer


Video Title: Add Image from URL


Video Title: Introduction to the visual editing formatting toolbar


Video Title: Add Heading style to a Post or Page


Video Title: Add Paragraphs to Posts and Pages


Video Title: Working with Categories


Video Title: Delete an Image from a Post or Page


Video Title: Edit Image in a Post or Page


Video Title: Editing Posts or Pages


Video Title: Edit Links


Video Title: Creating Hyperlinks


Video Title: Introduction to the Image Editor


Video Title: Introduction to Link Categories


Video Title: Ordered and Unordered Lists in Posts and Pages


Video Title: Embed videos, images and media into posts and pages


Video Title: Paste from MS Word into Posts and Pages


Video Title: Replace images in a Post or Page


Video Title: Trash a Page or Post


Video Title: Restore Post from Trash folder


Video Title: Working with Tags


Video Title: Approving and Editing Comments


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